Frequently asked questions

What is the ThaiVedic System?

ThaiVedic brings together the world's most effective healing arts, with a special focus on Ayurvedic concepts, Thai massage and Yoga Therapies. We believe these practices to be key to human evolution, happiness, and living spiritually purposeful lives.

ThaiVedic offers a TRULY holistic and integrated system, with three clear and simple paths to restore the wisdom humanity needs.

What is the venue's address?

The 2020 training will be held at a private yoga studio boardering Annadel State Park, located near ParkTrail Dr. Exact address will be provided upon registration.

Do I need Yoga experience to attend this training?

This training will teach an beginner friendly approach to the core concepts in Ayurvedic Medicine, in a very insighful way that makes it easy to apply to Yoga Therapies. Even though a little experience in yoga can be helpful, it is not necessary for participation, for both the seasoned practicioner and newbie alike will get a lot out of it.

Where should I stay if coming from out of town?

The hotel that is the closest to our studio is the Flaming Conference Resort and Spa. There are more budget options near downtown Santa Rosa, about 5 miles away. The studio is located in a very residential neighborhood, so AirBnB might be a good option shoud you wish to stay within walking distance from the venue. For the outdoor enthusiasts, the beautiful Spring Lake Park has a beautiful campground.

What to bring?

Each day you should bring your yoga mat and a water bottle to stay hydrated. The weather in Santa Rosa is pretty hot during the Summer, so a sweat towel or a change of clothes can come in handy if you sweat a lot. It is Northern California, so layering your clothing is always a good idea, specially when the brisk ocean fog kicks in earlier in the afternoon.

Is there food near the studio?

There are plenty of food options including Whole Foods Market within a 6-min drive.

Is accomodation included?

Accomodation is not included, which is why the course cost is low. We would like to allow for those living in the area to be able to commute: and those who do not to choose accomodation based on their own budget and needs. The price is for tuition only, so transportation and food are also not included.

What if I am not a teacher and just want to deepen my practice?

This training’s main focus is to instruct you on how to build one's personal practice in an individualized fashion according to the knowledge of Ayurveda. For those who already instruct, that will inevitably lead to great teaching. Regardless if you are on a personal quest to develop your personal practice or expand your teachings, you will emerge from this training with a deeper and more clear understanding of the Ayurvedic principles applied to Yoga Therapies.

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